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Weed Abatement

An illustration showing wildfire prevention tips around a house, such as clearing dry grass, trimming trees, and cleaning gutters.

Annual Weed Abatement Campaign

The River Delta Fire District prides itself on our continuing efforts to reduce fire risks in the Delta loop and community by conducting an annual weed abatement inspections each fire season. This inspection typically runs from April - October, with the Notice to Abate Weeds mailed to property owners during the month of April/May.

Ordinance Requirements

The Weed Abatement Ordinance requires parcels of 2 acres or less to have weeds cut no higher than 2 inches tall. Parcels larger than 2 acres must have a 30-foot fire break around all structures. For further details, please reference Weed Abatement Guidelines.

Reducing Fire Hazards

Please note: The goal of the River Delta Fire District is to reduce the risk of fire hazards only. Although some parcels may be unsightly, they might not constitute a fire hazard.

Fire hazards exist when overgrown weeds, brush, or trimmings are adjacent to, or could potentially threaten, structures such as dwellings, barns, storage buildings, or stored vehicles.

Complaint Submittal

All complaints to the Fire Prevention Division must be submitted on our Online Complaint Form.

On-Site Inspection

An on-site inspection will be conducted to determine if the parcel requires weed abatement in order to protect nearby structures or wooden fences from fire.

Due to laws prohibiting illegal searches, all weed violations must be visible from the street. The Fire Prevention Division will not climb or look over fences, nor enter a residence or backyard to confirm weed complaints.

If the site is determined to be a fire hazard, the owner/tenant will be required to abate the hazard by discing / mowing, providing defensible space, or clearing brush or trimmings. Please use equipment in a safe and responsible manner.