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ISO Rating

A badge with "ISO CLASS 4 PUBLIC PROTECTION CLASSIFICATION," indicating a specific insurance grading.

The River Delta Fire District Insurance Services Office (ISO), Inc. rating is currently a Class 5/5Y rating for its structural fire suppression delivery system which is a significant accomplishment for the district and community. 

Ratings and Fire Station-Distance Calculator

The ISO collects information on communities and analyzes the data using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule that evaluates four primary categories of Fire Suppression: Fire Department Operations, Emergency Communications, Water Supply, and Community Risk Reduction. The schedule addresses the effectiveness of protecting homes and other structures, with better fire protection leading to better loss experiences for insurers.

Ratings play an important part in the decisions insurers make in setting the premiums for property insurance. The price of property insurance in a community with a better ISO rating is often lower than in a community with a poorer ISO rating.