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Our Mission, Vision & Values

The mission of the River Delta Fire District is to provide protection of life, property, and the environment from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, and hazards. We engage the community in our mission through progressive community outreach. We will maintain a constant state of readiness to respond to all requests for services through training, maintenance of equipment, and a desire to serve our community. 

Vision Statement

Members of the River Delta Fire District, through our commitment to innovation, service, and excellence, will always strive to be leaders in fire and life safety services, and be the model of a successful fire district.

Statement of Core Values

We, the members of the River Delta Fire District are committed to the following values in our interactions with coworkers and customers:

  • Motivation – Engage in goal-directed behavior Professionally, personally and fiscally responsible for our actions
  • Dedication– Demonstrate commitment to community, each other and all district endeavors
  • Knowledge– In teaching we learn
  • Professionalism– In application, appearance and attitude