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About River Delta

Who We Are

The River Delta Fire District is an "All Risk" department, meaning we will respond to the needs of the community regardless of the nature of the incident. As first responders, we begin the process of solving the problem to lead to a positive outcome. The district runs approximately 350 calls per year and is staffed with  Firefighters 24/7. The River Delta Fire District offers career development opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in the fire service and has a successful reputation of mentoring Firefighters to meet their career goals through quality training and work experiences. See the Districts Alumni page for additional information.

Who We Serve

The River Delta Fire District is approximately 30 square miles and is located near Highway 12 and Highway 160 near the City of Rio Vista and Isleton, CA. Both highways are major commute and truck routes to and from the San Francisco Bay area and San Juaquin Valley.

In addition to the two major highways, the District encompasses several small arteries of roads and bridges that meander adjacent to and travel over several hundred miles of  major delta waterways near resorts & marinas. Those water ways include the Mokelumne River, San Joaquin River, Seven Mile slough, Potato Slough and many small tributaries.  There are several restaurants, resorts and camp sites along the ten-mile stretch of the Delta Loop,  which includes Bruno's Island Yacht harbor, Moore's Riverboat Marina, Pirates Lair Marina, Willow Berm Marina, Delta Shores Resort and Marina, Perry's Boat Harbor, B & W Marina Resort and the Oxbow Community and Marina.  The delta area is a major summer destination to thousands of recreators. The district serves a population of 1,800 residents and during the summer months, the population significantly increases up to 15,000 during busy weekends. 

What We Do

The  River Delta Fire District engages in structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, emergency medical care and hazardous materials response, urban search and rescue, and water and flood rescue. Every member of the Department is certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and is CPR/AED certified. Emergency medical service and vehicle incidents accounts for most of our workload. 

Being diligent stewards of taxpayer dollars is at the forefront of our operations. River Delta Fire District will continually seek innovative and cost-effective methods to serve people, save lives, protect property, and safeguard our precious "River Delta Jewel".