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Life Safety Fire Inspections

A red fire extinguisher mounted on a white wall with a black hose and nozzle.

Fire Code Enforcement

Fire code enforcement services are divided into three areas, (1) Plan Review, (2) New Construction Inspections, (3) Existing Construction Inspections.  Our fire inspector review building, site and fire protection plans for compliance with local, state and national fire codes.  Once plans are approved, our fire inspector conducts on-site inspections during construction to ensure that the projects are constructed per the approved plans and in compliance with the fire codes.  Finally, our fire inspectors conduct annual fire safety inspections of business within the River Delta Fire District.  These inspections are meant to maintain a fire safe community!

Annual Fire Safety Inspections

Annual Fire Safety Inspections are completed by our on-duty fire crews.  Effective January 1, 2021 all annual fire safety inspections are completed using Streamline Inspections, a tablet based software.  As a business owner, you will receive by email (1) a fire safety inspection report, (2) any issued operational permits, and (3) an invoice in a separate email from Fire Recovery USA.  You are now able to self-correct any violations found during your fire inspection using the "Self-Certify" link in the email.

During annual fire safety inspections, fire inspectors look for numerous items that affect the overall safety of a business. We train our inspectors to do more than just report the problem, but to become part of the solution and offer suggestions on how to correct an unsafe situation. Some common items checked during a fire safety inspection include:

  1. Exit doors
  2. Fire extinguishers
  3. Sprinkler, fire alarm and hood suppression system maintenance
  4. Extension cords and multi-plug adapters
  5. Clearance of combustibles from:
    ​a. Electrical panels
    b. Ceiling
    c. Heating equipment
  6. Visibility of address signs​
  7. Exit signs and emergency lights